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Istituto Zooprofilattico Sperimentale della Lombardia e dell’Emilia Romagna, commonly referred as “IZSLER", is an official Veterinary Organization of Italian Ministry of Health entrusted with independent management to supply the Veterinary Services. Headoffice is located in Brescia and other 16 laboratories are located in Lombardia and Emilia Romagna Regions.


IZSLER’s facilities include laboratories for research and diagnosis of animal diseases, chemical analysis, food control, molecular biology.



    For further information www.izsler.it


    IZSLER is provided with Biobanking of Veterinary Resources (BVR), a centralized repository of the different types of Biological Resources produced in the course of its diagnostic, control, research and production activities, consisting of a central facility at the Brescia headquarters and a Backup repository of the materials, at the territorial headquarters in Mantua.

    IZSLER management, as a result of their preparation, analysis and characterization work, propose which Biological Resources are to be considered particularly valuable to the institution itself and to the entire scientific community, and their suitability to be stored in the Biobank. In all cases, IZSLER managers in their facilities are responsible for the production, preservation, and evaluation of such products. Such generation of Biological Resources can be systematic (production of already known and assayed reagents), innovative (products within research projects), unbudgeted (field samples). Matrices judged to be of interest are deposited at the Biobank. The Biobank collects and preserves the different biological resources after appropriate assessments to certify their suitability.

     IBVR also stores biological material from other Institutions that request it either as Open Deposit or as Safe Deposit.

    The IZSLER Biobank has also been recognized by the Office International del Epizooties- OIE as an International Collaboration Center with the name "Biobank of Veterinary Resources - BVR. The tasks of the Collaboration Center are to promote good practices related to biobanking activities, facilitate the exchange of materials, and participate as a competent Institute in WOAH projects involving biobanking.

    An easy access on line service to search biological material with detailed information and to get this in a short time.

    The biobank will gradually increase in type and number of stored samples. These will be available inside IZSLER and also to the scientific community for the future years.

    The material is produced using a monitored process of production, controlled in the quality features, and stored in a safe environment.





    In early 2018, the construction of a secondary Biobank (BVR-Backup) at the Territorial Headquarters in Mantua was completed for the storage of Backup aliquots only for the purpose of safeguarding Biological Resources in the event of an unexpected disaster.

    The Backup site provides a limited infrastructure comparable to the primary one with the same types of sample storage: cryogenic area, +4°C, -20°C cells and -80°C freezer (connected to the nitrogen line)