Matteo works on animals’ infectious diseases, with emphasis of swine and cattle management in support of veterinary practitioners and farmers. From 2022 he had a full position at IZSLER in the central diagnostic section of Brescia. Matteo daily working on diagnostic procedures for infectious diseases of domestic and wild animals, he supports veterinarians of the Public Health Service for all sampling activities and for performing epidemiological investigations at farms. He is a collaborator of CReNBA (national reference centre for animal welfare).

Matteo past experience include activities related to experimental infections on swine infectious agents. he has a bachelor degree in Biotechnology at University of Brescia (IT) and a master degree in Veterinary Medicine at University of Parma (IT).

He achieved a specialization in Animal Health and Livestock Hygiene at the University of Pisa (IT). Matteo also trained for six months in 2016 at Cornell University (USA) on dairy herd management and one month in 2018 at University of Minnesota (USA) on swine infectious diseases. Matteo is author and co-author of more than 30 scientific papers published in national/international journals. He participated as a speaker at National and International Scientific Conferences and Congresses.