The IBVR biobank currently hosts strains collected from food and biological samples during laboratory activities. Isolation were performed on samples from farmed animals, pets and wildlife animals.

Handling and cultivation

Adopt special precaution are essential to prevent contamination of the laboratory environment and infectious of personnel because many fungi produce conidia or spores that easily become airborne. Agar slant tubes are safer to handle than plates.


Taxonomic identity of each strain is checked by the main available techniques for this purpose and the taxon in question. These options are followed for identity checks: morphology and growth behaviour; microscopic observations, MALDI-TOF identification tests (especially for yeasts)

Quality controls

Before biobanking storage, each strain is checked for identity and submitted to quality controls for viability and purity. Viability and purity are tested by cultural and microscopic observation. Each batch is checked again for viability after preservation treatment and then, at regular intervals for the different taxa. This check may include microscopic and macroscopic observations.

Quality management system

IZSLER laboratories, that supply biological resources to IBVR, use testing methods performed according to UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 Quality System.


Updated to July 2022

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