The order Mycoplasma includes many pathogens of humans and animals.

The majority of the strains stored in the biobank are of veterinary interest and are causative agents of diseases.

The biobank contains reference strains, that are selected among the pathogens of interest, and field strains that are isolated from different species of animals. These strains are chosen for the pathogenicity, the clinical signs caused in the animals and any other relevant peculiarity, that are explained in each strains card.

Moreover, also the DNA of some fastidious strains that are difficult to grow and are important in veterinary pathology can be found in the Mycoplasma strains collection.

The collection is increased according to the case studies or particular needs.

Quality controls

Reference strains

The reference strains are cultured to evaluate their viability before the storage.

They are isolated on liquid and/or sold media and identified by biochemical and genetic methods. Colony cloning of the isolated is performed in order to obtain the amount sufficient to prepare the adequate number of lyophilized vials.

Field strains

Isolation and identification

Once isolated from the field sample, the strain is classified for its morphology and growth behaviour and purified by cloning. Than it is identified by the most significant techniques available for this purpose (OIE terrestrial manual, publications) and by our standardized methods. Biochemical and/or molecular tests, including sequencing, are adopted; the identification of the strains in some case can be confirmed by other reference laboratories.

Molecular assays can be performed directly on the tissue or diagnostic sample, if the culture fails and a Mycoplasma infection is suspected; the identification of the strains is done by sequencing the PCR product.


From all strains provided for deposit, viability and purity are tested by subculturing, after intervals scheduled for the different strains.

Quality management system

IZSLER laboratories, that supply biological resources to IBVR, use testing methods performed according to UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 quality system.


Updated to July 2022

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