Chemical Compounds

The chemical compounds collection includes a wide range of animal and vegetable matrices. Some of them are incurred with active substances permitted or prohibited. They also include animal and vegetable materials deriving from environmental contaminations.

These materials are periodically used in inter laboratory proficiency tests to assess laboratory test methods and quality assurance programs to seek evidence of the validity of measurements.

Quality controls


Samples are stored in closed containers. Each label reports material code, sequential number and the codes of laboratory competence..

Management and storage conditons

Every matrix was analyzed by routine laboratory methods. The analytes detected are identified and measured by HPLC, LC-MS/MS, ICP/MS or others quantitative methods. The material was homogenized (sometimes also freeze-dried) and placed in closed containers for storage. Homogeneity of the samples was verified by ANOVA test.

Periodic quality controls are performed during the storage phase to check the concentrations. Tests are conducted with internal methods that are performed according to international guidelines.

Materials are stored in the correct conditions. Wrong temperatures could compromise the quality of the matrix.

The materials should be stored at -20°C or at room temperature if lyophilized.

Quality management system

IZSLER laboratories, that supply biological resources to IBVR, use testing methods performed according to UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 quality system.


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