Field Sera

The field sera of IZSLER Biobank includes samples from different animal species, mainly farmed animals, pets and wildlife animals.

Farmed animals

These sera are collected by blood samples sent to IZSLER to be tested in accordance with National or Regional Control Programs (i.e., Brucellosis, Enzootic Bovine Leukosis, Infectious Bovine Rhinotracheitis, etc.) or samples sent to IZSLER for specific serological tests.


These sera are collected by samples sent to IZSLER for specific serological tests.

Wildlife animals

These sera are obtained by blood samples sent to IZSLER for serological surveys and/or specific serological tests. Frequently these samples are collected from animals shot during the hunting season, from captured animals or from animals kept in captivity.

All these samples can be used as positive reference samples due to the presence of antibodies towards a specific pathogen, they may be very useful for retrospective serological surveys, validation of innovative serological tests, etc.

Quality controls

All serum samples collected and stored in biobank are tested towards a panel of pathogens with the aim to know the presence/absence of antibodies.
Different serological techniques can be used and these are reported in specific sheets. Titres of humoral antibodies of serum samples are also registered

Controls of titre values are performed at pre-established intervals.

Quality management system

IZSLER laboratories, that supply biological resources to IBVR, use testing methods performed according to UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 quality system.

Updated to July 2022


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