The IBVR biobank includes bacterial strains collected during laboratory activities. These activities are carried out on biological samples originating from farm animals, pets and wildlife and on food of animal origin, and on feed.

Before biobanking each strain is checked for identity and submitted to quality controls for viability and purity

Cell characterization/Typing

Taxonomic identity of each strain is checked by the main available techniques. These options are followed for identity check:

  • microscopic and cultural tests;
  • phenotypic and serological tests;
  • MALDI-TOF identification tests;
  • genetic tests.

Quality controls

Viability and purity are tested by cultural and microscopic test. Each batch is checked again for viability after preservation treatment and then, at regular intervals, for viability and for its main characters. Compliance with awaited characters must always be confirmed.

Quality management system

IZSLER laboratories, that supply biological resources to IBVR, use testing methods performed according to UNI EN ISO/IEC 17025 Quality System.

Updated to July 2022


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