Safe deposit

Biological resources can be stored at IBVR facilities as a second site or backup security system.

This service can be performed for microorganisms and viruses that can be preserved frozen or freeze-dried in mechanical freezers (-20°C, -80°C) or in nitrogen vapor phase (-80°C), cell cultures that are cryopreserved in nitrogen vapor phase n cryogenic tanks monitored by a specific control and alarm system (-130°C). All samples are labeled with bi-dimensional barcode and data are collected in a data base software that allows to trace number and position of each sample. All biological resources are deposited at the temperature and conditions related to the characteristics of the material.

Duration of deposit is yearly; however it can be prolonged upon request of the depositor.

Viability and quality controls must be performed by the depositor. IBVR does not assume any responsibility for viability losses and modified quality characteristics of the material deposited. IBVR must ensure the deposit at the temperature indicated by the depositor.

Deposit is carried out in specific racks of the refrigerators, freezers and cryogenic tanks. All information of the material deposited are written in a specific software data base (origin, type of material, characteristics, level risk,number, storage conditions, positions and any other useful information).

In the “Terms and Conditions” form more detailed information are reported.

The access to IBVR is monitored through badge of authorized personnel.

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